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Changzhou Ganghua Silk Crafts Co., Ltd. is a company (Hong Kong) joint venture. Is located in Jintan straight town, east of Changzhou 30KM, from Jintan 10KM, Zhenjiang south 60KM, west Nanjing 85KM. Our location and convenient transportation, beautiful scenery. Now has advanced luggage, indoor slippers production lines, the annual production capacity of (1) Bags (various) 3500000, (2) 3.8 million pairs of slippers, the existing fixed assets of 21 million yuan, covers an area of 67,000 square feet Meter. Our existing staff of 820 people (including technical staff of 25 people), after years of constant exploration and development, the company's capital has been rapid growth, management level has been greatly improved, from a small family workshop to develop into now able to produce all kinds of bags, slippers, bigger size of professional production companies.

Changzhou Ganghua Silk Crafts Co., Ltd. since 1992 and build factories, there is the original family-owned small factory, producing relatively simple silk handbags and other products. Through 10 years of efforts and development needs of sales operations, our production plant, equipment and related assets continue to invest, especially in the 2004-2013 year, the new plant 24,000 square meters, and invested more than 540 million purchase of the advanced system of luggage, handbags production line equipment. So that enterprises formed a production of various types of fashion bags, all kinds of indoor slippers, in the domestic industry, one of the larger plants. 2013 annual sales income of 237.78 million yuan, profits and taxes more than 2400 million, the factory began to enter the bags, slippers and other items of products, development, design, production and trade as one. With strong technical force, advanced management level, is a professional production of bags, handbags, cosmetics cases, sports bags, fashion handbags, computer bags and a variety of indoor slippers factory, 90 percent of products exported the United States, Japan, Britain and other countries. Products due to good quality and reasonable prices in the domestic and international market won a high reputation, and many times as Jintan "advanced enterprise" and the business sector, "the contract, the word" units.

Develop together, our luggage, handbags and other products, has been concerned about the domestic and international fashion, with a great consumer market, luggage bags have been around people indispensable items in the existing manufacturing process on the basis will be constantly updated, learning foreign brands successful business model, our factory establish a "brand" and efforts.

Changzhou Ganghua Silk Crafts Co., Ltd.
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